The good doctor told me to do it.

Nearly 30 years ago (showing my age!), I was in primary school and I got to perform with a legend of the Australian Circus world, Dr Reg Bolton. He was a huge influence on me as a young performer and his words of wisdom pushed me to follow my own style again and again.
I am so stoked that his Circus Shop, which is now run by his wonderful daughter Sophie Bolton, will be representing Chuka Chuks at the WA Circus Fest. I wish I could be there to share my percussion obsession with all the crew in WA but I'll be in the other WA. I fly to Washington to work in Seattle in 10 days time, which is fantastic, don't get me wrong but I would love to be at the WA Circus Fest. If you're in WA from the 25th - 27th of January, I highly recommend checking it out.  CIRCUS FESTIVAL!

"Do what you like and do what you're good at'"

Dr Reg Bolton.

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