By the end of the week there will be a handful of 75's available for shipping.

It's so great getting emails from different folk from around the world. Some have been adamant about waiting for the 75's, others have grabbed the 60's, enjoyed working on rhythms and have been super encouraging about me pursuing this project. thanks.

I'm so glad the 75's have arrived just in the nick of time. I say the nick of time because in 6 weeks, I pack up my home and family here in Mullumbimby, Australia and we head to Seattle, USA for 5 months work. Teatro Zinzanni is the company and I'll be performing 5 shows a week with a brilliant cast of diverse international artists, in a gorgeous Speigel Tent. I'm so fortunate.

I'm excited to be going and doing great shows with great people but to be honest, I'm feeling a bit torn. It's been such an amazing change to be opened up to a broader community, getting positive feedback, manufacturing, Face Booking, book keeping and most amazingly, sharing this thing I've been working on for so many years.
While I'm in Seattle I will continue to have Chuka Chuks shipped from Australia but if stock runs out, it will have to wait till June. 
So it's drilling and filling in my studio for the next few days! Let the 75's roll.

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