Big 2020

2020 has been a bizarre rhythm for us all. My performing contracts disappeared but Chuka Chuks have kept me going, really kept me going. I've been going to the post office more than any other year. Mainly due to a…


Nearly 3000 students world wide!

Ok, I'm rounding up but as of right now, I have 2817 students at! Chuka Chuks are really rolling out the door and I'm so happy I would fart a happy tune, if I had those skills. 


A dream and a breakthrough.

It's like a dream, having 600 students learning what I've had so much fun developing. To teach and share this stuff is super satisfying and I can't see an end in sight, which makes me happier still. 
It's quite a…

The good doctor told me to do it.

Nearly 30 years ago (showing my age!), I was in primary school and I got to perform with a legend of the Australian Circus world, Dr Reg Bolton. He was a huge influence on me as a young performer and…

Music festival shakes

One of my favourite things to do is to get up with different bands and play. It's like a dream come true. yee haa! Thanks to you, The Perch Creek Family Jug Band!

Which way? Norway.

Another lovely Monday morning postal mission, Ms Post Office was in fine form.
Chuka Chuks are en-route to Norway, USA, Bega, Bukajo and Mermaid Beach, to mention just a few. Go forth young shaker balls and spread your rhythmic love!! …

The lovely woman at the Post Office

The woman at the Post Office now knows me by name! She gives me a proud smile when I walk in,"more Chuka Chuks?"
I’ve seen her every day this week, she knows all about Chuka Chuks and how we launched…

Launched, flying and selling like hot cakes!

I'm feeling so grateful, there's been so many positive words and a heap of orders!
It's been such a long road to get the ball rolling on this new adventurous venture and I'm feeling like it's all totally worth it! …

Juzzie's Chuka Chuking tunes in.

 Juzzie came over today for our weekly Wednesday Chuka session and brought a C.D with a new tune called 'Chuka Chuking.'
I'm so super stoked! We had it on repeat for about an hour as we jammed. I showed…

630,000 ball bearings!?

Any day now I'm expecting a call from a ball bearing company, telling me 'they're here!'
It was a big moment of Chuka Chuks becoming a reality. 
I really hope people get into this idea, other wise I'm really not…