Juzzie Smith has been a great influence on Chuka Chuks. He is the first musicain to take Chuka Chuks and run with them!
A legend in his own right and such a fun guy to play rhythms with. To have Juzzie's creative energy on this project has been amazing, he is the first player to trade rhthyms and has taken jamming with Chuka Chuks to the next level. Thanks Juzzie, you're the best.

Check out Juzzie at www.juzziesmith.com
  Joel Salom is the founder of Chuka Chuks and has been playing rhythms for the last 15 years. A multi faceted entertainer who performers in Comedy, Circus and Cabaret shows in USA, Australia, Asia and the EU. Playing rhythms with musicians is the thing I enjoy most. I love it! I mean, he loves it! 

Check out his day job at  www.joelsalom.com
  Ephrem and Legese are brilliant acrobats from Addiss, Etheopiea. I had the pleasure of working with them in Stuttgart, Germany. They are the most whole body Chuka players I've met! They dance when the play grooves. We jammed together backstage and I hope we get to do more one day!

check them out at YouTube