Chuka Chuks are Australian made, super strong and feature a few colour choices - there are so many beats, rhythms and grooves just waiting to be discovered.

I’m so stoked to be sharing these guys with the world and can’t wait to hear your own stories of where the Chuka Chuks take you!

Check out the free lessons here.

Here's a mix of tracks that I use in my workshops that are great to jam with.. 

Have fun catching the rhythms!

Joel Salom,
Founder of Chuka Chuks


Latest News

630,000 ball bearings!? 

Any day now I'm expecting a call from a ball bearing company, telling me 'they're here!'
It was a big moment of Chuka Chuks becoming a reality. 
I really hope people get into this idea, other wise I'm really not sure what
I'm going to do with 630,000 ball bearings! 

New Website 

Super stoked to work with super Stu on the new website.

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